Island (iceland) is one of those places that you 
just can't help going back to.
a jewel in the north
full of dramatic scenery and nature at its most raw.
these images were taken over several trips touring by bicycle and on foot
for viewing only.
njottu (enjoy)

wise & wary

on the way home

the stare (arctic fox)

lundi (puffin)

sand eels for tea

'the meeting point'

the journey back

kria (arctic tern)


dynjandi foss


far nw iceland

'Land of the midnight sun'
this was taken during the night in summertime.
due to 24 hour daylight I would often ride late into the night 
and early hours of the morning.
'just because I could'

not every road in iceland is sealed.
 in less frequented places with small populations 
unsealed Roads like these with 'washboard like' corrugations 
turn into a quagmire when it rains making the going very tough. 
 sticky soft mud does its best to adhere to your tyres 
to form what resembles crunchy peanut butter. 

I left my heart.....

isolated summer house

emerald jewel


isolated outpost

volcanic sands

atlantic driftwood

wind swirls

far nw iceland 

 nw beach

the night escapades of mr fox  

nw iceland

 sleeping solo

lions mane or arctic red jellyfish

This beach stranded lions mane was just under 2 foot wide
 in diameter.
they have been known to grow over 6 foot wide
 and prefer cold northern waters.
 trailing tentacles may be as long
 as 100 feet.

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